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Wireless Alarm Systems

For Businesses & Commercial Buildings

Wireless Alarm SystemsModern wireless alarm systems feature the latest in security technology and allow for remote access and monitoring of your business or commercial building. Wireless systems are typically installed in finished buildings where in-wall and in-ceiling wiring isn’t a reasonable option. Wireless systems are also sometimes installed as a way to update or upgrade older, more traditional wired alarm systems.

A wireless alarm system works by installing wireless sensors anywhere in your home and programming each sensor to connect to a main control panel. Sensors can be placed in all entrance points of the building, to ensure maximum security.

An additional benefit to wireless alarm systems is that because they do not require re-wiring, they can be easily moved to new locations in your business. Even more beneficial, many modern wireless alarm systems can be programmed to connect with additional devices like smoke alarms, flood detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, garage door openers, and even some smart-phones and tablet computers.

Because of the flexibility and advanced features of wireless alarm systems, many business owners are making the switch and upgrading their traditional wired systems to a wireless system. A properly installed and programmed wireless alarm system can provide your business with the safety and security you need to sleep at night.

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